Saturday, July 31, 2010


So I'm going to push through with my effort to start lucid dreaming. Not so that I can fuck celebrities every night but rather because it's a nice break from all other occurrences in day to day life. A niche part of existence that others can't pick at or even begin to comprehend. The complexity of the human mind I believe is unparalleled in a dream state. Logging my dreams has started to display patterns in my mental framework, the deeper I have delved into my own psyche I was even able to have simultaneous dreams that interconnected with one another, in one instance I used a telephone to contact myself in the dream I had previously had. Mental gymnastics or the mind yearning for connection with the senses, either way it's not important. There's a connection with the inner self here that I truly believe is worth fighting for.

Jesse Bartle.

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